Our Products

Our experience in understanding clients’ requirements, coupled with our technical expertise enables us to provide the right IT solutions and have rewarded us with many satisfied customers.

We have the capacity to deliver all the required products and services; making us unique in providing you the desired results.

Guiding Principles for Our Products

a) Develop software that is practical – addressing the very core needs of our customers, simple and up-to-date, and suitable for all.
b) Create a compelling value proposition for consumers, partners and sponsors.
c) Build a strong brand recognition.

d) Develop key industry relationships with value chain actors and partners.
e) Provide a high level of personalized service.
f ) Build an elite team of executives and industry professionals.
g) Design strict financial controls for the organization.





Dairy Herd Management software

This is a dairy management software that helps dairy farmers at their farm level to keep well organized records which they can analyze to get information that will lead to accurate decisions. Besides increasing productivity, ensuring proper health care of cows and attainment of good breeding practices, it also helps telephone farmers monitor their dairy enterprises on a real-time basis.


Packhouse Management System

This System manages fresh produce from delivery, short and long term storage, washing, packing, processing, and even full food manufacturing and value adding processes. It also manages sales orders, sales contracts, export documentation, dispatch, shipping, and invoice preparation.


Co-operative Management software

This is a dairy system that aids dairy cooperative societies to manage their membership and daily transactions with all the farmers such as milk collection and distribution, agro vet s ales, loans etc. The system makes it possible to process payment of members quickly and instantly, thus achieving in five minutes what would otherwise take a whole week to achieve


Crop Management Software

The crop management software enables farmers who are producers of any crops to effectively record every transaction involved in the production process thus accounting for every cost. Eventually the system enables calculation of production costs per crop as well as determining the right selling price and in the end calculation of profit margins.


ERP System

Consolidate day-to-day tasks and get a full overview of your organization’s processes with our enterprise resource planning system. ERP software connects your vital business functions, encourages collaboration and improves visibility, so you can focus on growth